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Expanding Horizons For 3D Scanning

Laser scanning and 3D modeling can lower risk in commercial construction projects by providing accurate as-built drawings. The technology can also illuminate discrepancies early on in the schedule before they turn into change orders, which results in multiple benefits for the project team and owner. This process has been seen in the construction industry for some time, however, it is most often used on interior and exterior walls. It determines as-built conditions, allows access without equipment, verifies MEP location and provides architectural documentation. Chamberlin knew how this technology benefitted other trades they worked with and ultimately decided to find out how they could utilize it to enhance their scopes.

Chamberlin was contracted to install the pool deck for the new Westin Irving Convention Center Hotel, where they saw an opportunity to utilize the scanning and 3D technology, though it had not been widely used for this application previously. Dallas and Oklahoma Vice President and General Manager, Andy Wharton, details the process and benefits plus material, cost and time savings in the most recent SWR Institute Applicator Magazine.

Published in SWRI Applicator Magazine. Read full article here.