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2012 Skyscraper Competition Winners Announced by eVolo

The winners of the 2012 Global Skyscraper Competition held annually by eVolo Magazine have been announced and they are quite amazing in both form and content.  The contest was started in 2006 and seeks to recognize young design talent from around the globe for their designs and the concepts that they propose.

We have seen a tremendous shift in proposals as the creative clients, engineering, and super materials have made previous proposals possible to build.  These designs will stretch not only your imagination , but they will really stretch the contractors and subs who might build them in the future.

As an architect, I am excited to see that the creativity of designers around the world is strong and getting stronger.  As a consultant to the construction industry, I realize that our industry will face tremendous challenges and will have to make giant strides in order to be able to build these fantastic structures.

The jury, composed of past winners and design leaders from around the world, reviewed 714 submissions and picked 3 winners and 22 honorable mentions.  These fascinating designs are posted on eVolo’s website along with explanations of what these buildings could accomplish.

Drawings courtesy of eVolo

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