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Drywall Clinic at High School Imparts Valuable Knowledge and Skills to Students [VIDEO]

In an earlier blog, I told you about a drywall installation clinic at Pasadena ISD’s L.P. Card Career and Technical Center which was led by a team from the Houston division of Marek Brothers Systems.  The purpose of the clinic was to inform the high school juniors and seniors of the types of construction careers which are available, advise them on how to successfully pursue these careers, and to teach some of the skills used in installing drywall in a hands-on workshop.

The day began with a pastry breakfast provided by the Marek team, and with those professionals sharing information about their company and how they were able to advance within it.  One of the students’ regular instructors, Lupe Garza, also spoke to them about careers in construction.  Mr. Garza’s experience of working for his father’s construction company gives him insight into the industry.  He explained how hard work will be worth it in the end:

“Yes, construction does pay well.  Growing up with a dad who was in construction, I had everything I needed.  Construction can take care of you; you have just got to be willing to do the work.  We do a lot of fun things when we are not at work because of the work we did in construction.  These guys are the same way.  They do what they want to do because during the work week they ‘bust their hump’.  In my class I talk about the sugarcoated lives you lead.  You think you deserve this or that but no, you must earn it.”

At the end of the day, I spoke with Mr. Garza about the program and his role at the school.  In the 3‑minute video below, I ask, “What do you like about teaching?  What do the students give to you?”  Garza replies:

“The best way to describe it is that ‘aha moment’ when you get that one student who isn’t getting it, and you change your teaching styles fifteen different times until he actually gets it.  He strives and begins to progress faster than anybody else: that’s that moment when you appreciate what you do and you enjoy being a teacher.”

The L.P. Card Career and Technical Center is a high school campus where approximately 350 juniors and seniors who are enrolled in certain career and technical programs (including construction technology) attend courses for half of each school day while remaining enrolled in classes at their home Pasadena ISD campuses for the other half of each day.

The following 3½ minute video shows excerpts from the workshop that day where students got to learn “hands-on”.

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