A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Only In Las Vegas

Construction may have slowed in the city during the recession, but one creative group has found a use for the heavy equipment.  Dig This! is an “adult sized sandbox” where for a hefty fee and with ten minutes training, you can jump into the seat of a backhoe and move rocks or dig in the sand.  What a thrill to actually drive the equipment that you played with as Tonka Toys when you were a kid.

According to an Associated Press article, owner Ed Mumm started the company “after renting and operating an excavator for himself for two days while building a house in Steamboat Springs, Colo.  He quickly realized that toying with heavy construction equipment is a diversion that takes participants completely out of their everyday lives.”

Look like fun, but don’t tell the safety folks.  They might not like the fact that you are turned loose after ten minutes training.  Not sure I would want them on a construction site, but it is a great diversion from the “no work” doldrums in Vegas and the economy.


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