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Construction Tech Forum

Recently, Builtworlds, one of our favorite sites, hosted a Con Tech Forum in Chicago bringing together “national industry thought leaders and change agents for a high-impact, collaborative event that will deepen attendees’ understanding of the unprecedented power and possibilities now available to those who design, build, operate, maintain, plan and trade in our vital, evolving $7-trillion industry.”

The “C suite” only conference held at the Chicago Athletic Association was 48 hours of jam-packed “forward looking information” for executives in construction. The conference speakers touched on a wide variety of lively subjects and hands on experiences that included:

    • Wearables (headsets, helmets, armbands, etc.);
    • Robotics;
    • Modular Construction;
    • Apps for Safety, Reporting, Documentation, Collaboration;
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones);
    • 3D Printing and Scanning;
    • Virtual Reality (VR);
    • Big Data, IoT, Building Information Analysis;
    • The Smart Future of Cities > Energy, Mobility, Urban Ecosystems, etc.;
    • Engaging and retaining tech-savvy millennial talent.

The opening night talk was given by Stacy Scopano, Senior Industry Strategy Manager - Construction at Autodesk and was titled “The Future of Building Things”. In the video below, he does a great job of outlining the disrupters and challenges that the industry is facing as well as the new technology that will help construction leaders meet those challenges. Be sure to grab your notepad, as I know that you will want to remember what he said.