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Construction Estimators Take Note

We’ve written and talked about the upcoming worker shortages in skilled trades, managers and estimators in the construction industry, but we have not written about the skills that you need to become a construction estimator.  That is, until now.

Aundraya Ruse, Editorial Coordinator over at Software Advice in Austin sent along a post about construction estimators that outlines those skills and how to get them.  The article, written by freelance writer Tom Zind, states:

“With the pressure on contractors to win not just more business but work that’s profitable, it falls to estimators to get the numbers right. But that’s a big challenge in an environment of volatile materials costs, stiff competition, increasingly tighter margins and shorter bidding windows.

“As such, demand for estimators is only likely to grow. And that translates to opportunities for those with not just the right mix of skills, training and experience, but the up-front knowledge of the forces shaping the market, the educational resources available and potential career pathways.”

The article goes on to quote the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports about pending shortages and then goes on to outline a road map for becoming a construction estimator.

This is timely since the economy and the construction industry are finally entering recovery mode, and it looks like the shortages might possibly get here sooner than we expected.

Let us know what you think.

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