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Construction Citizen Launches Careers Section for Craft Professionals

The oil and gas boom created by fracking and other new technologies has sent the demand for new construction along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana through the roof.  The impact of this surge in construction is being felt throughout the Midwest as well.

The demand has outstripped the supply of qualified construction craft professionals, and that has affected new commercial and industrial construction projects.  There is a growing shortage of skilled craft professionals needed to build the petrochemical plants, office buildings, warehouses, roads, and other projects spawned by the incredible growth in our regional economy – growth that is expected to continue into the next decade.  To address these needs, Construction Citizen this week launched its new Craft Careers section and is expanding its editorial focus to include topics in industrial as well as in commercial construction.

The new Craft Careers section of Construction Citizen is designed to provide prospective entrants as well as existing craft professionals with an opportunity to explore the construction crafts.  The new section includes craft descriptions and provides information on training and job opportunities.  Each craft includes its own media page, where visitors can explore the craft in action with articles, news, videos, and social media feeds from the web.  Industry organizations, associations and resources are also listed for each craft.

The Craft Careers section is a source of easily accessible information for those interested in getting started and also for those who are already on their way toward a rewarding career as a construction craft professional with a middle-class lifestyle.  Some companies will actually pay qualified candidates to start on-the-job training right away.  What could be better than that for individuals who would like to make a positive change and launch themselves on a new career?

Demand for construction craft professionals has never been higher.  Last month, the Houston Chronicle reported on the upcoming demand for these craft professionals:

“A report earlier this year from Sugar Land-based market intelligence firm Industrial Info Resources forecast that the number of skilled construction workers in the Gulf Coast region will grow from around 62,000 today to more than 103,000 by 2016, driven largely by demand from the petrochemical surge.”

According to Industrial Info Resources (IIR), there currently are industrial projects under way or announced for the Gulf Coast Area in excess of 400 billion dollars.

Construction Citizen continues to champion how construction companies should operate to “do it right” for our valuable construction craft professionals and the industry.  Our participating companies are examples of companies who provide their employees with benefits, overtime pay, training and certification, and an emphasis on safety while providing the quality work demanded by the industry.  These are the companies that craft professionals should seek to work for.

Please enjoy exploring the new Craft Professionals Careers section of Construction Citizen.

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