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Community Family Centers to Host Tuition-Free Bezos Academy Preschool in 2022

The following announcement was released by Community Family Centers, a community-based organization that has been featured in Construction Citizen for their work in adult education and workforce development, including educating others about careers in construction and providing entry-level training in the field.

(Houston, Texas) February 3, 2020, Community Family Centers announced a ten-year lease agreement with Bezos Academy to open a tuition-free, Montessori-inspired preschool at their Houston facility to open fall 2022. This project came to fruition following consultation with multiple civic agencies and community organizations.

In response to the news, President and CEO of Community Family Centers, Maritza Guerrero stated, “Community Family Centers has been proud to provide low-cost, quality, preschool education to Houston’s East End for more than 20 years through our Los Niños Montessori Preschool program. We are excited for Bezos Academy to continue and add to that legacy by expanding the reach of a quality Montessori-inspired program to those who need it the most. I look forward to seeing the impact that this program will provide to the community that we have dedicated the past 50 years to serving.”

“Community Family Centers (CFC) has a long history of supporting low-income families in Houston’s Greater East End,” said Mike George, President of Bezos Academy. “We’re honored to help an organization like CFC quadruple the number of preschoolers they serve, and in a way that decreases the cost to families to zero.”

The Bezos Academy preschool will be located in the Community Family Centers facility at 7524 Avenue E, Houston. The school will feature four classrooms. The school will follow a full-day, year-round schedule, and will be slated to open in Fall 2022.

Families earning up to 400% of the federal poverty limit with children aged 3-4 are eligible to apply. More information and an application to the lottery-based selection process will be posted at www.bezosacademy.org once the school opening date is set.

About Bezos Academy

Bezos Academy is a non-profit organization that is building a network of tuition-free preschools. Our preschools offer year-round, full-day programming, five days a week, for children ages 3-5 years old from low-income families. Bezos Academy also provides students with all necessary educational supplies and services to set each student up for success, including Montessori materials, books, arts and crafts, field trips, and meals. For more information, visit: www.bezosacademy.org.



Harla Kaplan, Director of Development for Community Family Centers
w: 713-923-2316 e: hkaplan@communityfamilycenters.org

Katie Ford, Head of Communications for Bezos Academy
w: 206-705-7834 e: katie.ford@bezosacademy.org