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Chinese Building at Warp Speed [VIDEO]

The Broad Sustainable Buildings division of the BROAD Group, a Chinese building company, has just erected a 57-story skyscraper in Changsha called “Mini Sky City” in 19 days, according to the NY Daily News. “The impressive high-rise has 19 atriums, office space for 4,000 people and 800 apartments. It also claims to be earthquake-resistant.”

This building is but one in a series of taller and taller buildings that the company plans will ultimately include erecting a 202-story high-rise multiuse residential tower named Sky City in three to four months, a schedule that amazes many and puzzles others.

The unique BROAD Group approach to “Mini Sky City” building is that they manufactured 2,736 modular units in their plant and then erected them on site at the rate of three floors per day. The Chairman of the company, Zhang Yue, says that this construction approach reduces construction costs, provides for high level environmental savings, incorporates innovative environmental systems, and offers a sustainable living environment not available to residents today.

The company sees “Mini Sky City” as a prelude to the forthcoming Sky City project.

Watch the timelapsed footage of "Mini Sky City" being built in 19 days in the 4-minute video below: