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Chamberlin U Graduates Waterproofers

An important aspect of Chamberlin's quality initiative is Chamberlin University. Chamberlin 'U' was conceived and developed in 2006 and implemented as part of our strategy to prepare Chamberlin for the future by earnestly training and educating our own workforce. Chamberlin has graduated hundreds of craft workers and superintendents from the course and invested thousands of hours in Chamberlin University-specific training and education. 

Educating Chamberlin team members on safety, technical skills and soft skills empowers them to deliver quality, cost-effective projects that are completed safely and productively. Chamberlin University helps us deliver more to our clients. Below are our most recent graduates in Houston, Texas. We are proud to have these technicians as part of our team. 

Chamberlin University graduates:

Edwin CanalesJared BrittonAntonio Munoz
Marvin CanalesJuan RodriguezEfrain Lopez
Kevin KochAxel GarciaMichael Tatum
Casey CrewsAvelardo HernandezDustin Curry
Ismael AlanisBenjamin LopezRoy Renteria
Victor VarelaJohnathon MoralesDiego Valenzuela
James Howland  

Our graduates come from two recent apprenticeships. The waterproofing course started with instilling the importance of Chamberlin’s values and using them in the job every day. In addition to the basics of waterproofing technology, the waterproofing industry, waterproofing assemblies and jobsite safety, the following modules were completed:

Multi-layer sheetPouring procedure
Self sealingVertical vs. horizontal application 
Bentonite laminatingMelting hot fluid
Polyethylene filmReinforced membranes
Vertical vs. horizontal application 
FLEXIBLE FLASHINGResistance rated wall
Sheet membraneRoof assemblies
CounterflashingsLocal building codes
Remedial flashingsManufacturer Specifications 
ParapetProper application
Sheet membraneOffset miters
Liquid membraneThrough-wall flashing
Air/vapor barrierWindow flashing
Moisture barrierEnd dams
Damp proofingTermination requirements
 Snip techniques
PAVERSSoldering techniques
Pre-cast concretePLAN GRID AND QA/QC

By participating in the bentonite waterproofing training, the students earned their Hilti CertificationCarlisle provided the air barrier systems, accessories and waterproofing systems for the cold and hot fluid-applied trainings and the training was conducted by Tremco. The pavers system curriculum was presented by Wausau. Chamberlin prides itself on doing what they promise and then some, going the extra mile with a spirit of cooperation and a can-do attitude. Congrats to all!