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Chamberlin Receives AGCOK Build Oklahoma Award for OU Parking Garage Restoration

Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing is honored to have received the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Oklahoma Build Oklahoma Award for their work on the OU Research parking garage at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. This awards program represents the “Best of the Best” commercial building projects in Oklahoma for the year. Chamberlin accepted the award at the 82nd Annual AGCOK Awards Banquet on Saturday, February 5th at Cox Business Convention Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The OU Research parking garage at the University of Oklahoma’s Oklahoma City branch was in need of restoration. Traffic coating and other waterproofing materials were not installed during original construction, and years of weathering and use left the concrete on the exposed top floor deteriorated, cracked and spalled. Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing was hired to repair the concrete and install pedestrian and vehicular traffic coatings on the top deck plus stairwells. These processes included shotblasting, power washing and re-striping as well.

The concrete repair began with chiseling out large areas of damaged concrete. Crew members chiseled down one to two inches until they reached solid concrete. The debris was removed and the cutout was cleaned before new concrete was poured. Shotblasting and power washing of the deck followed with joint sealant application to seal cracks in the concrete. Perimeter sealants were installed at transitions from horizontal to vertical. Finally, the traffic and pedestrian coatings were applied.


Chamberlin’s restoration helped mitigate future more severe damage and left the parking garage UV protected. They also identified and repaired unknown conditions once on the site. Water had infiltrated conduit embedded in one area of the parking deck. The weight of the concrete caused the conduit to crack, leaking water that had begun corroding the concrete. Discovering this from a visual survey of the garage, the Chamberlin team was able to create a plan to repair the area and stop the water infiltration. Another area was observed once on site that needed an additional drain to be installed to avoid ponding water. 

Despite 49 days during the project schedule when weather conditions did not allow for installation, the project was still completed under budget and to the owner’s and project team’s satisfaction.