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Cars: The Next Electronic Device

An article by Matt Warman in the United Kingdom’s newspaper The Daily Telegraph last month reported that Intel, the giant chip maker, has announced a $100 million fund to support the development of the chips and technology necessary to make it a reality.

“Next Gen” kids are already more tech savvy than most of us and even one year olds, according to the blog post are expecting every device including their parent’s cars and trucks to be “iPad ready.”  On the online forum Big Think, Orion Jones quotes Intel representative Staci Palmer:

“In the US, the average driver spends the equivalent of two months of every year in car; it’s impractical for us to give up connectivity inside of the vehicle.  The car is the mobile device of the future.”

Just last weekend I caught a glimpse of the future when a 2½ year old was able to turn on the Mac, two TV sets, and the dvds at his parent’s house without any help from the adults around.

This tech savvy generation is only 12 years away from getting their driver’s licenses and technology will have to make their cars and trucks iPad 15 ready for sure. I wonder whether they will even have to get driver’s licenses or whether driverless cars doing all the driving will eliminate the need?

Interesting articles and the “Big Guys” at Google and Intel are on the case.

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