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Interview with Houston Wage Theft Victim

Last March, Construction Citizen covered a protest held by workers who had been cheated out of wages by Carole Johnson Builders LLC, a subcontractor on a Houston construction project.  We were able to interview of one of the foreman who had worked for the subcontractor on the project and who had not been able to collect the wages he was owed.

Bobby Herndon worked for Carole Johnson Builders LLC and was told that he would be paid wages by the hour.  He was not paid overtime for the hours he worked each week over 40, and in fact the Carole Johnson Builders LLC did not even pay for all of the hours Herndon worked.  When asked how much money he was still owed of the money he had earned, the pain and hurt from the injustice is evident in the following video as he answers “twenty-four hundred dollars.”  

Political analyst Bob Price conducted the interview for us, and advised Herndon to file a claim for his unpaid wages with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).  Price explained that the TWC assists employees in collecting wages which they are owed under the Texas Payday Law.  Price told Herndon:

“Companies like this that are engaging in unscrupulous business practices against any kind of workers deserve to be reported and have the spotlight shown on them.”

Several helpful links may be found under the “Texas Payday Law” section of the Labor Law Information page on TWC’s website, including links for the form needed for filing a wage theft claim and an explanation of the Wage Claim Process.

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