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Calibrate Tools and Instruments for Accuracy, Reliability, Safety, and Industry Compliance

We often talk about the latest tools and equipment used in the construction and manufacturing industries.  Those tools and equipment also need to be maintained and calibrated for accuracy, reliability, and safe operation in these and other industries.  Here is a behind-the-scenes customer snapshot showing a sampling of the calibrations provided by Houston area calibration firm Thermo-Temp, Inc. that are required to keep manufacturers in compliance and producing quality products.

Thermo-Temp’s customer spotlight provides an inside look at the quality inspection lab at MW Components – Houston:Fasteners (MWC), which specializes in milling, turning, drilling, threading, and roll threading.  They manufacture products used to assemble critical parts for the oil and gas, railroad, and valves industries. According to the Lead Quality Inspector, their lab “conducts first article and final inspections, American Petroleum Institute (API) inspections, hardness testing, dimensional inspections, and positive material identification (PMI) testing for their manufactured products.” Examples of calibrations are shown in the article.  Even a very flat work surface called a “surface plate” needs to be calibrated for accuracy.

The spotlight article provides a unique insight into the professional field of “calibration” that works behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly for metal products manufacturers like MWC as well as for companies in other industries requiring calibration services.  Thermo-Temp provides a wide range of calibration services, including calibration of surface plates, pressure gauges, non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging instruments, torque wrenches, electrical instruments, hardness testers, and non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging equipment.