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C3 Announces Next Phase at AGC Houston Annual Meeting [VIDEO]

Several advancements of Construction Career Collaborative were announced at the annual AGC Business meeting on January 23, 2014.

First, the Construction Career Collaborative (C3) is moving out of the beta phase which involved three Owners – MD Anderson, Texas Children’s Hospital and the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston – participating in six beta projects, involving five General Contractors, over 40 specialty contractors and hundreds of craft workers.  Owners can now specify the C3 principles on their entire work program or on an individual project basis.

Additionally, beginning in February the individual accreditation process of contractors and specialty contractors will begin.  Accreditation forms will be available online through a link on the C3 website.  There is an annual fee of $1,500 for accredited C3 contractors and specialty contractors.  The accreditation process will identify for our Owners the vast number of contractors and specialty contractors that value their craft workers and have committed company-wide, to the C3 principles of fair wages and benefits, standardized safety training for all craft workers and supervisors, and providing consistent knowledge and skills craft training.

The transition from the interim executive, Katrina Kersch, to Chuck Gremillion was also announced.  Katrina’s organizational skills and training acumen have been a key to the success of C3 to date.  Chuck Gremillion, our new executive director is a proven leader in Houston having led a family business, A&E - The Graphics Complex, for over 30 years.  Chuck and A&E are longtime supporters of the AGC and the missions they support.

After the meeting, I had a chance to talk with Chuck about the principles of C3 and how the lessons he learned while building his family business prepared him for his new role with C3.  You can hear his remarks in the following 3½ minute video.


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