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Workplace Fraud in Texas

Build a Better Texas is a collaborative effort of honest construction businesses, faith leaders, and advocates of fairness and safety who want to improve the construction industry in Texas through research and through the development of ideas which will “reward good business practices, invest in workforce development, and level the playing field in the industry” for honest contractors and subs.  Their website posts reports and videos highlighting the issues faced by the industry which employs around 600,000 workers, making construction one of the top ten industries in Texas.

One of the handicaps which honest contractors face is having to bid for jobs against dishonest employers who misclassify their employees as independent contractors.  Build A Better Texas recently posted the following video which explains the plague of worker misclassification, sometimes called workplace fraud.  The video contains remarks by Saul Vela and Brendan Doyle, two of the individuals who testified last month for the Texas bill (HB-2989) which would establish the Workplace Fraud Prevention Act.

The video concludes, “By addressing workplace fraud, Texas can level the playing field for honest businesses and bring in needed revenue to our state.  Workplace fraud: bad for workers, bad for business, bad for Texas.”

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