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The BOA Fit System Is Scientifically Proven To Increase Workwear Footwear Performance

Denver, CO – BOA® Technology, creators of high-performance dial-based fit solutions, announces new scientific findings proving the BOA® Fit System and its PerformFit™ Wrap improves stability, energy efficiency, and endurance for workers over traditional laces.

The BOA Performance Fit Lab, established in 2018 and located within the BOA Partner Product Innovation and Development team, has conducted over 2,000 scientific tests and published five peer-reviewed papers proving performance benefits and informing future innovation. The lab developed the BOA PerformFit™ Wrap, an innovative upper design that wraps over and conforms to the midfoot, delivering superior heel lock, enhanced connection to the midsole, and greater forefoot freedom.

Key scientific findings on the performance benefits of the BOA PerformFit™ Wrap include:

    • Increased heel hold and connection to the midsole by up to 3%, resulting in a superior and uniform fit with no pressure points.
    • Improved ankle stability by up to 7%, enhancing stability, consistency, and control.
    • Demonstrated up to 9% more efficient change of direction, enabling quick acceleration and deceleration. 
    • Achieved up to 1.5% faster speed with the same level of exertion.

These groundbreaking findings, initially observed in trail running contexts, are supported by data from numerous workwear pilot studies and performance tests conducted by the BOA Performance Fit Lab. The versatility of the BOA Fit System ensures workwear brand partners leverage configurations such as the BOA PerformFit™ Wrap to deliver highly tailored benefits to workers performing specific tasks across diverse industries.

"At Red Wing, our dedication to craftsmanship drives us to build enduring products designed to withstand the toughest challenges. With the introduction of the Apex BOA, we've elevated our commitment to excellence with insights from BOA's cutting-edge Performance Fit Lab. Together, we've built a product that not only enhances overall fit and performance but also provides greater stability without compromising freedom of movement." Mike VanGoethem, Chief Services Officer, Red Wing.

"We are dedicated to working with the world’s leading brands to deliver meaningful, scientifically proven solutions that improve fit and performance. In Workwear footwear, our focus is ensuring that in the toughest weather and industrial conditions, BOA delivers superior stability, energy efficiency, and durability, which reduce fatigue and improve a worker’s ability to navigate often hazardous on-site situations.” Dan Feeney, Ph.D., BOA Senior Director of Partner Product Innovation and Development.

Additionally, BOA stands behind the quality of its products. Rigorous durability testing and the BOA Lifetime Guarantee assure workers of the BOA Fit System’s enduring performance. This commitment is vital for work environments where reliability is crucial, offering professionals lasting confidence in their footwear's durability and effectiveness. 

To explore more about the RedWing Apex, BOA Fit System in workwear, and scientifically proven fit solutions, please visit BOAfit.com.

About BOA Technology:   

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