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Blue Collar Hero

Construction Worker Helps Police Catch NYC Shooter

The Construction Citizen team often pauses to pay tribute to the heroes of this industry, but a construction worker from New York took things to a whole new level this past week.  Police say that when gunshots rang out near the Empire State Building, leaving one man dead, a construction worker named Brian Dillon sprang into action to help catch the shooter.

“Someone like that isn’t supposed to walk the street,”  Dillon told the New York Daily News.

After the last shot was fired, the accused shooter, Jeffrey Johnson, started to casually walk away.  That’s when Dillon bolted from the loading dock where he had been working to follow Johnson.

Dillon was afraid Johnson would blend into the crowd, so he followed closely and flagged down a couple of police officers.  Johnson then pulled out his gun again, and the officers shot and killed him.  While police don’t recommend that citizens pursue criminals, they believe Dillon is a hero.

“I’m just glad I was there to help,” Dillon said.

He was there to help.  And it’s important to point out the reason Dillon was there at that moment is because he and countless others like him all across America are doing the kind of hot, sweaty labor it takes to create monuments in our cities and towns.  The kind of man or woman who does hard physical labor is the same kind of person who doesn’t hesitate to go after a dangerous criminal.  This should clue us all in about the kind of ethics held by a true blue collar worker.

They’re all heroes.  Brian Dillon is getting his due.

Photo courtesy The New York Daily News

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