A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

The Bar is Being Raised

This letter is from the first newsletter that we received going into the new year and it is important.  It describes one company’s workforce development program that meets the goals that Construction Citizen has embraced as those critical to the development of a sustainable workforce.  It also issues a challenge to other contractors to match or exceed these program goals in order to raise the bar and produce better work and a socially responsible industry.  Way to go Marek Brothers!

Division President's Message
Steve Shockley - Marek Atlanta Division President  

"The Marek Family of Companies is an employer of people who produce the highest quality products that are unmatched by anyone in the construction industry.  This is accomplished by Marek's continued commitment to excellence by providing people the opportunity to grow and prosper.  Our Workforce Development Program is just one way we accomplish this.
Some may say we are crazy to spend so much time and money in this economy on our WFD program training a person that may be working for Marek today and for our competitor a year from now.  We know we are on the cutting edge of something so big and exciting that it is going to change the face of the construction industry forever.
We will produce a work force of Marek Certified Craft Professionals that is respected, highly trained, safety oriented, credible and the top wage earner in the profession.  These employees will earn a good honest wage, so they can live a comfortable life, provide for their family, send their children to college and save for their golden years of retirement.  This shall be achieved while producing the highest quality product on time and under budget, having pride in his chose profession whether working for Marek or the competition.
If you are reading this as a prospective employee who wants a career with a company that molds the work environment of the future; you too may have what it takes to chosen to become a member of the Marek's WFD team and achieve the status of a Marek Certified Craft Professional.
Becoming a Marek Certified Craft Professional will not be easy but the struggles and hardships that come with it make you stronger.  It will empower you to get what you want out of life.  If it were easy everyone would do it.  But you are not anyone - you are on a mission: a mission after your dreams and goals - a mission to maximize your life.
If you are a Marek Certified Craft Professional or you have all ready been chosen to participate in the WFD program, congratulations.  You are a very special person and you are well on your way to greatness.
If you are reading this as a customer, owner or general contractor you should be very proud that the Marek Certified Craft Professionals are building your projects and looking out for your best interest. 
If you are reading this as a competitor I challenge you to get involved in WFD because Marek has raised the bar."

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