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ASA Houston Presents Andy Adams with Power of One Award​

American Subcontractors Association (ASA) Houston Chapter is an outstanding organization that fosters educational events, training programs, and networking opportunities for subcontractors (and general contractors) all over Houston. It is a great association for contractors that want to make the construction industry better as a whole, and their events are a good way for contractors to build up their team in the construction community.

At Adams Insurance Service, we are also pleased to support ASA Houston because we have so many friends and customers who are active in it. Construction is one of the key focus areas of our risk management practice. Our VPs Mike Macomber and John Prince have presented at countless ASA-sponsored panels and educational seminars. It is a great fit for our expertise, and it is also a pleasure to do business with the kind of professional construction companies that make up an organization like ASA!

So, I am very proud that my son Andy Adams was honored with the first ever Power of One Award by ASA Houston Chapter Executive Director Brianna Wright at their online Saturday Night Live themed Excellence in Construction (EIC) Awards presentation.

According to Andy, “The ASA Houston Board members I work with are all fantastic people who bring unique insight and expertise from their respective fields. It is definitely one of the best boards I have ever had the pleasure to serve. Brianna Wright completely surprised me with the "Power of One" award during our EIC awards ceremony. I had no idea that she was going to do that and it was a tremendous honor to have that kind of acknowledgment from people you admire and respect. The fact that I was dressed like Will Ferrell during his famous "cowbell" skit when receiving the award is something I will not soon forget.”

SNL’s “Mary Katherine Gallagher” praised Andy for “Essential,” the video tribute to construction workers that he wrote, directed, and produced, which was also featured in Construction Dive and Construction Citizen.

“Essential” is a tip of the hardhat to the courage, can-do spirit, and care of craftsmanship of the men and women in construction who worked through the pandemic. We are thankful and blessed to work with our construction clients because they were able AND WILLING to keep working through the government shutdowns!

I came away impressed by their courage and commitment. They were all proud to have done it and to keep on doing it. It inspires you to go the extra mile for them,” Andy said of the nine construction workers he interviewed to make the video.

Click here to watch the Essential video tribute.

Andy was also praised by ASA Houston for his legislative efforts in Austin. He currently serves as their Government Advocacy chair. Working with the Texas Construction Association (TCA), he has advocated for legislation to level the legal playing field for construction and opposed bills that would hurt the construction industry or the "open for business" mindset that has given Texas such a vibrant economy. For example, lien law reform, securing retainage, and reducing frivolous lawsuits against contractors are some key issues for the TCA.

Please support ASA’s mission by contacting your state lawmakers on these issues, which you can learn more about here.

God bless you, and may He bless Texas’ Construction Industry!