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ASA Business Forum and Convention 2012 Happens This Week

Over 250 of the nation’s leading specialty contractors will gather at the Hyatt Regency in San Antonio later this week for the 2012 American Subcontractor’s Association Business Forum and Convention.  This is the keynote event for the non- profit association of the nation’s leading Specialty Contractors.

This year’s convention will showcase leading suppliers, provide education updates and highlight the nation’s leading subcontractors.  The convention schedule lists a number of workshops, social events and the annual business meeting. Most of the workshops seem to be oriented toward relationship marketing, finding new business and examining the industry at the crossroads.  Members are hungry for effective new ways to get work in a down economy.  Coming to Texas to do that will offer them a glimpse of one of the nation’s strongest recovery stories.

We also noted that there is a session called Employee or Independent Contractor?  Getting Worker Classification Right.  That one should be interesting in light of the recent Department of Labor crackdowns on subs using and abusing 1099 workers.

Looks like a great meeting and the construction underway in San Antonio will provide some interesting stories for the attendees.


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