A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Are You Taking Advantage of What C3 Offers?

There are few things that can impact the industry like a well-trained workforce. However, figuring out how to get training started can be daunting. According to Jerrad Lee of Environmental Management, Inc, his company's success in training came when he was able to "get them to take a step back to the basics." Basics take us back to the 'why' we do what we do in the way that we do it. When craft professionals understand the reasons we do something a specific way along with being given instruction in the correct way to accomplish it, everyone wins.

Going back to basics is what Construction Career Collaborative (C3) consulting services provide. Our consulting team consists of three highly skilled and trained talent management specialists who understand how to help companies identify which basics they need to address to create more successful crews. Our collaborative approach utilizes subject matter expertise from your team to identify and target key people practices like hiring, training, and evaluating. We have tools to make the consulting process simple and quick. We help you make small changes that boost the confidence level of your crews because they truly know what is expected of them. Our consulting gives your professional teams documented ways to evaluate employee performance and justify that promotion or raise based on something other than time in position or a request from a foreman who 'believes they are a good hand'.

Consulting with C3 experts gives you the ability to create a culture where performance, safety, and quality can be clearly articulated and competency can be quantified. In the long run, C3 believes that getting one contractor to have a culture focused on workforce development is a win but getting a collection of contractors to do the same changes the industry. When we improve the work-life of our craft professionals and other team members, we improve our community.

We are here and ready to help. Click here to set up consulting - become a catalyst for change in the industry.