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Amazing Images of One World Trade Center

Wow!  A friend forwarded the following pictures of the new World Trade Center to me.  The view is spectacular to say the least, but this is really hard work.  Volunteers?

“Working above 1,700 feet in the air!  Ironworkers install final sections on top of One WTC.  May 2013”

“Ironworkers and engineers prepare the beacon that will sit on top of One WTC’s spire.”

“Incredible view of the city and its new tower.”

“From on top of One WTC, you can see the East River bridges, Brooklyn and Queens.”

“Workers install 3 communications rings on top of One WTC, which will bring back broadcast capabilities to Lower Manhattan.”


“Window installers walk along beams at dizzying heights from the 102nd Floor of One WTC to install curtain wall panels.”

“Final 2 pieces of One WTC spire sit next to previously installed sections. When connected, One WTC will stand 1776 ft”

“Ironworkers courageously guide spire sections 17 and 18 into place.”

“Spire Gang from left to right: Kevin Boyle, Richie Christy, Brett Davis, Kevin Sabbagh, Mark Donnelly, Arthur Peart”

“Looking way, way down.”

“The WTC site.”

“Ironworkers at One WTC look on as the final flag-draped section of spire is hoisted to the top of the building.”



“Over 250,000 commuters will use the WTC Transportation Hub Oculus to connect with eleven subway lines.”

“The WTC Crane Operator’s Spectacular View.”


“The first large piece of the spire for One World Trade Center was lifted up to the top of the building.”

“Barge carrying pieces of the spire for One WTC passes the Statue of Liberty on the way to pier 25 in lower Manhattan.”


Joy from Brooklyn's picture

I, too, am crying when I see this. I've been crying ever since the powers-that-be deliberately refused New York her Twin Towers back and replaced them with two twin abysses and one generic tomb-like tower, only bigger size than Albany. And a set of grotesquely mismatched erections of pomp, arrogance and animosity.
And they said: Wonderful.
And the people went: Clap! Clap! Clap! It's wonderful.
But the Truth shall set NY free.

Michael Burke's picture

As you can see here, the memorial is a big place containing two "voids" in place of original towers and hundreds of trees. What is missing is any authentic artifacts of the original WTC. For 30 years the Koenig Sphere stood in the center of the WTC plaza as a symbol of world peace; on 9/11 it was the only structure to survive intact, though bashed and torn. It was installed in Battery Park as a temporary memorial. Yet today, as millions visit the memorial the Sphere still sits down at Battery Park, forgotten and neglected. In the middle of a construction site, fenced odd from the public. Pigeons roost in it.

Help restore the Sphere to the memorial! See Facebook, save the sphere. Contact savethesphere@gmail.com

Arlene Bitzas 's picture

America the beautiful is the heart of all its people GOD BLESS AMERICA3

Anonymous's picture

Never forget all the stuff for antenna and spire we build in québec canada not on state.

robbie scott's picture

One beautiful site. Good job all trades who contructed this beautiful building

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