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AGC Houston Celebrates its 90th Anniversary

This month, the Houston Chapter of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) celebrated its 90th anniversary. It was founded in 1923 when Houston was a town of barely 60,000 folks.  Over 200 members, elected officials, former chapter leaders, and friends attended the celebration. The evening was capped by comments from former and current chapter leaders and the Mayor of Houston. It was a fitting celebration of the long and storied history of the AGC Chapter in Houston and the skyline they have created.

The historical video tells the story of the small group of general contractors who banded together to form the AGC to protect their interests at a time when there was very little organization to the industry. These pioneers vested their negotiating and wage scale issues to the AGC, a group where they held leadership positions. The AGC negotiated a prevailing wage level and everyone lived by that agreement. Together, they built the tallest obelisk in the US, the San Jacinto Monument, the largest medical center in the world, and helped Houston grow from a population of 60,000 to the 5.2 million it is today.

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