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ABC 2015 National Craft Championships Coming Soon

Craft professionals all across the United States are geared up in anticipation, ready to compete in ABC’s 2015 National Craft Championships (NCC) coming in March to Fort Lauderdale, Fl. This multi-day event, with 15 different competitions, will draw in participants from 11 different skilled trades, all vying to be recognized as the best in their craft.

Although it is too late to sign up as a competitor, ABC is still looking for judges and it isn’t too late to register to attend as a guest. Click here for more information on attending.

Showing great pride in their work, and a commitment to excellence, craft professionals in years past have made lasting connections and friendships at ABC’s NCC events. This year’s event will be no exception as participants network with their highly skilled, fellow craftspeople, meeting potential business partners, employers, and friends.

Crafts at the event include Carpentry, Electrical, Fire Sprinkler, HVAC, Instrumentation Fitting, Insulation, Millwright, Pipefitting, Plumbing, Sheet Metal, and Welding.

For more information about ABC’s NCC event click here.

Below are the sponsors for the event:

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