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Tomorrow is a BIG Day for Arizona

The BP oil spill has taken a positive turn in the Gulf and the next issue for the major news media and all of the bloggers will be the happenings in Arizona.  The Arizona Immigration law goes into effect tomorrow and all of the rhetoric, rallies, protests, Presidential intervention and Judges orders will come to a head.  The construction industry is but one part of the economy in Arizona that will be impacted.

As you probably know by now, the issue is that the Federal government is supposed to take care of the immigration issue, but so far Washington has refused to take it on and do something about it.  Arizona got tired of the open borders, sanctuary cities and lack of action by the Federal government so they passed the law that goes into effect tomorrow.  That is if the courts do not intervene further.  The policing agencies in Arizona have been training, the ACLU has been running anti-ads and the volume continues to rise. 

Three interesting items for you to consider:

STRATFOR, a subscription strategic and tactical intelligence service made an interesting point in its weekly video on the drug cartel movements and the killings last weekend in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  They said that because the US Mexico border is so porous, when one of the cartel leaders is threatened and the pressure mounts to a high level, they either cross into the US or head south to the interior until the pressure dies down.  Read that again.  The cartels are using the US as a sanctuary.  No wonder Arizona is upset.

Second, as reported by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) last week, attorney generals from 8 states such as Texas, Michigan, Florida and Virginia filed Amicus Briefs (friends of the court briefs) supporting the Arizona move.  Some sources think that up to 27 additional states will move toward an Arizona type law in the near future if Congress doesn’t move on the issue.

Third, when a group of business leaders from a major city recently visited the leadership in Washington in an attempt to get movement on the immigration issue and to push for a sensible reform plan, they were told, even by members of their own delegation, not to expect movement from Congress on this issue this year.

Tomorrow is a Big day for Arizona, but it is a REALLY BIG day for the rest of us in the country.

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