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2012 American Subcontractors Association Excellence in Ethics Awards

The American Subcontractors Association (ASA) held their Spring Business Forum and Convention in Las Vegas this past weekend. At the event, the ASA announced nine companies as this year’s winners of the Excellence in Ethics Award.

According to the committee:

“ASA’s Excellence in Ethics Awards program promotes the highest standards of internal and external integrity for a subcontracting firm, said Shannon MacArthur, MEMCO, Spring, Texas, chair of the ASA Task Force on Ethics in the Construction Industry, which developed the awards program. Each applicant was required to respond to questions concerning the firm’s corporate ethics policies and procedures, its construction practices, and its general business practices. Each applicant also was required to submit detailed documentation, including sealed letters of recommendation from a customer, a competitor and a supplier.”

This year’s winners are:

If you believe your company is committed to the highest ethical standards, apply for the 2013 Excellence in Ethics Award.

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