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New York Construction Workers Won't Build Ground Zero Mosque

Last month, while the controversy about the potential location of the mosque near Ground Zero raged on, a number of union construction workers in the City stated that they would not work on the site or the building should it move forward.  According to the NY Daily News, the Construction Workers stated that the proposed mosque site was too close to Ground Zero and that their brothers who cleared the site after 9/11 thought that site was indeed sacred to them as well.

That raised a question in our mind as to whether the Imam might suggest that Asian, Brazilian, Ethiopian or Mexican construction workers currently working on projects like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and The Gateway in Singapore be brought in to construct the planned mosque at the Imam’s site.  Would any US workers, union or nonunion, be willing to build it?


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Consider this: The cause of death is erroneous on 2970 death certificates, a HUGE due process violation, because those providing the analysis of "collapse" did not have the building plans. Correct, Guiliani took the plans from the NYC DEPT. of building in December of 2001, put them in his own warehouse in violation of NYC F.O.I.L, then FEMA misrepresented the Towers core structure to NIST.

Which is worse; 2970 due process violations, something that is verifiable, and with the error corrected, might tell us more about who blew up what, or . . . are Muslims building there while you think they blew it up, worse?

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