A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Reshaping the Industry

Three actions are necessary to build a thriving, profitable and durable construction industry:

  • Acceptance.  Recognize current situations and challenges and accept they are real.
  • Leadership.  Embrace core values and principles as innovators and leaders.
  • Solutions.  Collaborate among owners, contractors and workforce for solutions.
What challenges is the construction industry facing?  What principles, like sustainable value and social responsibility, should industry leaders embrace?  Where will the solutions come from?
Pre-fabricated, Prefinished Volumetric Construction or PPVC is being used around the world to achieve major savings in construction time and manpower usage.
July 12, 2017
The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) have developed an amazing tool which enables contractors to build safety programs to ensure that their employees remain safe on their...
July 11, 2017
Construction spending totaled $1.230 trillion at a seasonally adjusted annual rate in May, nearly the same as in April (although that figure was revised up by $11 billion or 0.9...
July 07, 2017
Lawmakers in North Carolina are taking very seriously something that's been described as a “cancer eating at the heart" of the construction industry: The misclassification of...
July 06, 2017
All last week, members of the Associated Builders and Contractors of America were in Washington to talk with members of Congress and others about the need to invest in a future...
June 29, 2017
Once framed and drywalled on one side with plumbing, electrical and HVAC stub outs in place, they were inspected, fully wrapped and transported to the construction site in the...
June 28, 2017
It’s rare that a roof fails suddenly. The truth is that most roof failures are a long time coming. Above all, the most important step in roof maintenance is to partner with...
June 27, 2017
Headlines on recent news stories suggest rising construction materials and labor costs are pushing up project prices and may be contributing to ...
June 26, 2017
The major issue is job skills mismatch. The people looking for jobs are not trained in the skills that employers need in order to hire them.
June 22, 2017