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Wage and Hour Division’s Employee Misclassification Website

The US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) has a website with specific information about the issue of worker misclassification, also known as payroll fraud, and the measures being taken by each state to abolish it.  The website includes links to each Memorandum of Understanding which has been signed between the WHD and specific states’ Departments of Labor and Industry.  These agreements were created to promote compliance with laws already in existence within the states and to aid in communicating with employers and employees through training materials and coordinated enforcement actions in order to “protect the wages of America's workforce”.  Only eleven states have signed such agreements at this time.

The WHD website also contains links to each state’s Department of Labor, links to all WHD press releases categorized by region, information about related federal and state laws, workplace informational posters available for download in a variety of languages as well as many other resources available for download or order.

You may find all of this as well as other information which you might find helpful at this valuable website.

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