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An Uplifting Experience

Hi there.  The Chamberlin Man here.

I'm minding my business the other day, just strolling down the street when a gust of wind lifts my fedora right off my head.  It's a hair raising experience that brought to mind the subject of roof uplift.  A lightweight example, but an example nonetheless of what high winds can do to your roof system.  So what would it take for wind uplift to send your roof, or parts of it, flying?  You can find out.  Just read the scoop below!

Wind uplift resistance is a hot topic in the roofing industry today.  Wind uplift tests measure the ultimate wind-induced uplift that a roof is able to withstand. Negative pressure tests or bonded uplift tests are options worth considering – especially for those in hurricane-prone areas.

Everyday roofing concerns tend to revolve around the more common maintenance issues of water leaks and typical wear and tear, but the effect of high winds on roofs is a more common cause of roofing failures than many realize.  Damage from wind events can be dramatic and is one of the major contributors to insurance claims.

Interested in exploring this subject?  Take a look at an article by Jerry L. Abendroth, Senior Principal and Partner of Building Exterior Solutions, LLC titled Roof Uplift Testing: Know the Parameters and Use the Information Wisely.

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