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Time-Lapse Rocket Ride to Trade Center’s Top

Last week, the New York Times posted an incredible time-lapse video of the industrial growth of New York City from the view of the newly opened Freedom Tower. The panoramic video will play on the five One World Observatory elevators, which is set to open the end of May this year.

There was some debate between Legends Hospitality, the operators of the observatory, and Port Authority and Durst Organization, the developers of the tower, on whether or not to show the rise and fall of the Twin Towers, primarily the North Tower.

David W. Checketts, CEO and chairman of Legends Hospitality, said, “The event is certainly a key part of history...We did not think you could ignore it. Having it appear in the year it did and disappear in the year it did was the respectful way of addressing the fact that it was part of the landscape.”

Finally, steel framework begins to “surround” the elevator, depicting the construction of the new One World Trade Center.

The 48 second elevator ride will transport passengers through 515 years of New York City architectural history, starting from the marsh that the city was built upon. The video shows the rise of historical landmarks such as St. Paul's Chapel in 1764, the New York Tribune in 1873, one of the first high-rise buildings with an elevator, and the Woolworth Building in 1913. The video ends with a shaft view of the 102nd floor and the elevator doors opening, revealing the current city skyline.

The descending elevator trip is also planned to have three-dimension like video which brings the passengers "outside" the tower, "sailing around [the tower] in a great arc."

You can view the full article in the New York Times.