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Springwoods Village Update

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Springwoods Village development that will house employees of the new ExxonMobil campus near The Woodlands is about to hit a “watershed” moment. The Chronicle's Erin Mulvaney has been checking it out:

“Some 4,500 construction workers show up each day to help build the highly anticipated Springwoods Village, a 2,000-acre work-live-and-shop enclave just south of The Woodlands to be anchored by a new ExxonMobil campus.

“Developers say that by 2015, this work site will be a polished master-planned community with 5,000 residential units, 8 million square feet of commercial developments, 1 million square feet of retail and four to five hotels.

“‘Construction is underway in some form on between one-third and half of the land’, said Keith Simon, executive vice president of CDC Houston, the developing group. ‘I predict 2015 will be the watershed moment for the community,’ Simon said during a tour last week. ‘For these type of projects, there are points that feel like there is the right synergy happening. Getting to that first milestone is an important point for a master-planned community.’

“The area has attracted major energy companies, including ExxonMobil Corporation and Southwestern Energy Company, and national development groups. About 10 acres of land was already sold to another Houston company that has not yet released its plans.”

Check out some great pictures of the construction underway on Fuel Fix.

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