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Skilled Workers Begin to Move to Better Jobs

According to an article in the Washington Post, the uptick in the economy has many highly skilled workers looking for better jobs. These workers may have been frozen in place during the last 4 years when jobs were limited and just having a job was primary, but now with the improvement in the job market, many employers are finding themselves with more voluntary turnover. That means either their key employees are being wooed away or their workers are feeling more confident in their future and are venturing out into the marketplace.

The article states: 

“Experts say the increased interest in jumping ship is driven by a variety of factors, most of which seem to reflect a workforce that has grown weary of the corporate belt-tightening that was commonplace during the recession. Raises were hard to come by. Companies that had streamlined their workforces sometimes made up the slack by piling extra duties on their highest performers.” 

These conditions are likely to spur voluntary turnover situations that will increase in the construction industry this year as more and more projects enter the construction phase across the country.

Construction contractors and subcontractors would be well-served by spending time retaining their top workers – at least as much time as they spend recruiting new workers to keep up with the growing demand.

What do you see in your marketplace?





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