A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

The Secret of Success

I had the pleasure of shooting the breeze with Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing President and CEO, John Kafka the other day.  As he recalled days gone by, he shared with me what he thinks has been a powerful caveat for the collective success of the company – a refusal to give up.  Even in the most difficult times, he shared, he never wondered IF Chamberlin would succeed, though he perhaps wondered HOW at some particularly low points over the past 36 years.

Since “success is not a destination but a journey,” we at Chamberlin continually strive as an organization and as individuals to grow.  We keep in motion, always taking the next step forward as challenges confront us.  Throwing our hands up in the air and giving up is never even a consideration.

To that end, I am proud to announce that a handful of key Chamberlin folks have recently taken the next step in their professional journey, having been promoted to Vice President.  Each of the gentlemen pictured below has demonstrated dedication, teamwork and the willingness to always go the extra mile to serve our clients.  Please congratulate these folks if you see them around.

Until next time, I’ll be seeing you around.

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