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Project Management Benchmarking Report Released

The team at Software Advice in Austin has just released its 2013 Construction Project Management Software Benchmark Report. The report turned up some interesting information that you should consider when you are looking at your construction management software needs.

The report looks at four categories of users in the sample –  

  • Specialized: Project management software designed specifically for the construction industry.
  • Generic: Software designed to handle general project management needs.
  • Homegrown: Custom software built from the ground up for the survey participant.
  • Manual: No software; projects are managed using email, fax, phone or other manual means.

According to the team, “Our report – based on a survey of 230 construction professionals – surfaces important findings about the role technology plays in construction project management.  For instance, we found that individuals who use construction-specific project management software were 5 times more likely than custom software users to deliver their projects under budget.”

You might be surprised by some of the results.  The information in this survey is both informative and interesting as benchmarking usually is.

You can read a summary about the survey which highlights some of its key takeaways on the Software Advice website, which also contains a link to the entire report.


Brad Hodson's picture

What I found to be really disturbing in the report was the astoundingly low satisfaction rate for Generic software choices. Only 18% said the Generic software met their needs. 18%? Really?

If the number is only 18%, then Generic software has a long way to go in terms of being more generic and less specific to certain industries. We need to broaden our abilities so that we can provide better and cheaper support to the construction industry.

Brad Hodson
Director of Marketing
JobNimbus - http://jobnimbus.com

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