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Partial Crane Collapse Sends New Yorkers Running For Their Lives

A dramatic scene involving an unsecured crane is playing out this evening in New York City as Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the East Coast.

The crane was being used to erect One 57, a luxury high-rise near Central Park which will include residential and hotel space. The New York Daily News quotes a Bronx man as saying “The crane was waving in the wind. Then next it started to break up. You could hear the crunching of metal.”

Reuters and other news agencies with reporters on the ground in New York are reporting that evacuations have been ordered around the site where the crane is dangling after breaking in half.  CNN posted this iReport video from one of their viewers which shows the crane swinging in the wind.

This website, The Good Men Project, talked with a 7-year-old stormwatcher in New York who was terrified: “Mom, they shouldn't have left that crane up there.”

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