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Nanobots are a Reality Today

My audiences have heard me say many times that they are in for an interesting life.  I have told them that they will likely live to be 120 or older and that their work lives will be really interesting – not ending anywhere near the current 65 years of age.  The experts have said that my son who is in his 20s will have 5-7 careers and that will be the norm.  I have had 5 careers, so I might be a pioneer on this trail.  No question about me living to 120 at this point, but there are changes on the horizon that might possibly extend even my life.

According to Dick Pelletier at the Positive Futurist.com in his recent entry, Nanorobots: radical science in clinical trials by the 2020s; expert says, the nanorobots, (also called nanobots), are already designed and created and will likely be in clinical trials at the major healthcare institutions in the early 20s.

He paints a picture of a 110-year-old individual going into a wellness center once a year for a non-invasive procedure to restore them to their selected age, say 20 something.  Dick quotes nano pioneer Robert A. Freitas Jr.’s article in the Futurist magazine where he talks of nano particles that he has created smaller than a red blood cell that can be injected into the body and gain energy from oxygen cells that will power them throughout the blood stream.

This is a fascinating article and, of course, created some interesting and not so serious questions in my mind like, “I wonder whether that 20-something at the end of the bar is legit or just a 120 year old posing?”

I know that this is serious science and an innovation that could have interesting impacts on the construction industry and the skilled trades of the future.  Think about it and let us know what you think.

Photo courtesy ThinkQuest.org

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