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Modular Homes in the Marketplace

Early in my architectural career, the words “modular homes” were synonymous with “trailer” or “mobile” homes. No more. Today, the introduction of “tiny homes" and the use of factory built and assembled new homes or additions are making quite a difference in the housing market.

The Washington Post recently posted an article about a family who almost doubled the size of their home using a modular or manufactured unit. The addition allowed them to remain in their existing house and to add new bedrooms, closets and space in a way meant to match the older house and to provide a sparkle on their new space.

Around the world, new methods like 3D printing of houses and apartments; manufactured units that are stacked to speed up time; and even the tiny houses that are being used in many urban areas to provide affordable housing units are all emerging or re-emerging in a way that creates new solutions in many urban areas.

It will be interesting to see how local building and zoning codes adapt to these new forms of housing and exactly how strong this new movement becomes over the next decade.