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Marek and CEFGA Working to Recruit the Next Generation into the Industry

Originally posted on MarekBros.com.

Marek’s Atlanta Branch sponsored and participated in the annual CEFGA Career Expo and Skills USA State Championship on March 13th-14th. This event is regarded as one of the nation’s top construction and SkillsUSA events and had 7212 students in attendance this year.

The Career Expo is Georgia’s largest interactive career exploration event and is designed for middle, high and technical college students. Thousands of students interested in the construction industry were able to experience different industry trades hands on.

Marek’s booth offered several interactive displays including, OST Quick Bid display, Marek WFD Material Labs and Marek Screw University. The Marek Screw University tool lab required students to use a screw gun to run a drywall screw into the county where they live after receiving a brief overview on the workings of a clutch drill by “Professor” Tyson Cabarubio, a Marek WFD Coach. Upon completion of the assignment, all participants were awarded a “Screw University” diploma by Marek foreman, Sid Bedsole, “Acting Dean of Screw-U”.

Thousands of students passed through the Marek booth during the two days, including a group from an Atlanta inner-city middle school. After completing the assignment, these particular students moved on, but their teacher stayed and spoke with Tyson for a moment. With tears welling up in her eyes, she said “I want to thank your company for giving my kids these diplomas because it may be the only diploma they will ever see.”

The SkillsUSA State Championships, which is in junction with Career Expo for the 10th year, featured the best skilled, new talent in Georgia. Hundreds of students enrolled in carpentry, masonry, plumbing, electrical, welding and other construction training competed for the title “Best in Georgia.” Each competition was organized and judged by industry professionals, with the winner in each category receiving a gold medal and a berth to the SkillsUSA National Championship this summer.

This was Marek’s fifth year at this event. Marek continues to strive to be a part of events like these that aim to redefine blue collar and help cultivate a new generation for the construction workforce.


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