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Ray Vasquez of Marek Brothers and Ben Coy of Designtex Discuss Novawall

Editor's note: The following article was originally posted on the MarekBros.com blog in connection with Marek's 75th Anniversary Open House.

Ray Vasquez, Marek Brothers Novawall fabric panel project manager, discusses the installation of Novawall in a demonstration conference room at Marek’s offices.  The installation coincided with Marek’s 75th anniversary open house.  Novawall is the leading custom site-fabricated stretch fabric panel system for acoustics, and is installed on surfaces from walls to ceilings.

The fabrics were provided by Designtex.  Ben Coy, Designtex representative, coordinated the digital printing of the new logo for Marek on DesignTex panel fabric.  He mentioned that Designtex and Marek have had a long relationship – going so far back that he remembers his father and Stan Marek working together when Ben was still in high school.  “[Marek] is a wonderful company, and it is great to be a part of this and to have great relationships with great people.”

You can listen to more of their comments in the short video below.

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