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Kids are Playing on a Rooftop in Dallas!

It's a city park!  Sittin' on a bridge?  It's a green what?!?  A green roof, you say?

Now, I guess this is what you call newfangled.  Pretty slick, if I do say so myself.  Klyde Warren Park is a 5-acre green roof installed by Chamberlin.  It has a 215-mil, reinforced hot fluid-applied waterproofing membrane and root barrier system.  That's the part you can't see.  What you CAN see is a beautiful green space and park bridging the freeway below.  Twelve years in the making, this project is one that will be enjoyed for decades to come.  Get a glimpse at how the green roof that is Klyde Warren Park revitalized the urban landscape in Dallas by watching the following three-minute video case study.

Not every roofing and waterproofing job has an aesthetic purpose.  As a matter of fact, most projects in our realm are purely function.  But from time to time we get to contribute to the construction process in a way that can be seen, even enjoyed, by the end user.  From green roofing to masonry and historic restoration, Chamberlin's mark of excellence can be seen on projects like Houston’s Discovery Green, San Antonio Botanical Gardens, and Fair Park in Dallas.

For certain, the fellas at Chamberlin love an opportunity to exhibit the standard of true craftmanship we apply to every project we take on-fancy or functional.

Until next time, I'll be seeing you around.


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