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Kicking Off Careers in Construction Month This October

Those of us in the construction industry are aware of the vast opportunities that exist for individuals who are willing to build.  October is Careers in Construction Month, and it’s the perfect time to spread the word about these opportunities.  According to new research from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International, 73 percent of high school seniors reported that they already know which career they want to pursue.  Research like this tells us that we need to start early when promoting careers in construction as we seek to recruit the next generation of craft professionals.

Informational resources are paramount to recruitment, and NCCER’s Build Your Future (BYF) initiative offers numerous resources to support the recruitment efforts of our industry’s next skilled workforce.  Many of these resources – including a Careers in Construction planning guide (see downloadable attachment below), craft professional trading cards and a craft professional outlook map – are available at BYF.org.  These items paint a picture of the construction industry that we know so well: high-tech, high-stakes, huge earning potential and the opportunity to travel the world.  However, our industry offers more.

In a recent post on NCCER’s blog, Breaking Ground, I commented that a career in construction offers more than just a paycheck.  BYF has recently developed a video series that highlights what truly makes this industry great – that it is “more than just a paycheck.”  In preparation for Careers in Construction Month, a preview premiere of our “What if?” video series is now available.  We recognize that establishing an emotional connection with the industry is just as powerful as the resources we provide.  Therefore, we hope that our new video series makes that kind of connection.  Enjoy our preview in the 30-second video below, and let us know how you like it.  Watch for the full-length series debuting during Careers in Construction Month this October.

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