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A Company Built on Trust Thrives in Texas

In 1967, Leo Joeris founded Joeris General Contractors on the principle “First Build Trust”.  That principle has remained both the driving force for the company and the secret to its success.

In a video produced by the company, Gary Joeris, son of Leo Joeris and President of Joeris Group Inc, talks about the importance of that trust within the company.  He states:

“Everything we build depends on trust.  Trust in relationships, external and internal.  Trust in our fairness and our integrity with owners, architects, subcontractors, and our employees.  Trust in the technical knowledge and skill we bring to each project.  Trust in our ability to deliver results on time and on budget.”

Dennis Yanowski, Division President of Marek Brothers San Antonio, is one of the subcontractors who have worked with Joeris.  In the video, he speaks of the respect Joeris has within the industry:

“They care for their clients, their employees, their subcontractors, and their community.  These are things that are important to us because they give back to the industry that we all make our living in.  When I think of Joeris, I don’t think of materials and plans and contracts, I think of the people that have dedicated their careers to this construction industry and this community.”

Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas
has been a repeat client, hiring Joeris to build new schools and renovate older ones.  John Folks, retired Superintendent of NISD, talks about working with Joeris:

“Joeris did so much, both in the new school construction and the renovation area, and actually took on some of the toughest projects, I would say, that we had, especially on the renovation part.  We had many many projects that they did a wonderful job with.”

Folks said that he appreciated they way that Joeris would always talk with them and share their recommendations, based on their perspective as contractors and their great experience as to how to build the best school or how to best complete a renovation.  He said: “Let me tell you, that’s honesty, that’s integrity, and that’s why I always – anytime Joeris was on a project – my trust in them was great.”

Stephen Walter, Executive Vice President of Joeris, explained how this philosophy of trust has resulted in the growth of the business:

“Thanks to the success of these projects, repeat work and referrals make up a huge percentage of our business.  In fact, several of our clients have trusted us to work with them as they have expanded into new geographic markets.  This success allows us to continue building trust with new clients.”

The Joeris web site states that over 90% of their work comes from repeat clients and that their average employee tenure is over 10 years.  The video also contains many interesting photos of the wide variety of projects the company has built.  It concludes with this final statement from Gary Joeris:

“We live by the Golden Rule: treating our partners the way we like to be treated is the foundation of our success, a foundation built on trust.”

Click here to watch this engaging six minute video.

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