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It is a Construction Tale with Many Twists

Business Insider’s Tech writer Dana Varinsky posted 13 of the most stunning twisted towers around the world that visually documents some of the most interesting towers that have been built after "famed architect Santiago Calatrava designed the building known as the Turning Torso, (and) ushered in a new era of twisted designs.”

The buildings are visually striking statements of the visual design and are bold statements of the structural engineers and contractors who were able to make those designs a reality.

It will be interesting to hear the “twisted tales” of the users and residents of those twisted towers over the next decade as they become part of the landscape. It will be interesting to see how the buildings themselves age as the complex structural elements respond to the wind, rain and other elements.

They are striking and visually interesting.  We offer our kudos to the architects, engineers and contractors for their outstanding work. Special thanks to the owners and investors who were willing to take a chance on new structural designs that have made the built environment in cities around the world much more interesting than ever before.