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One of the Industry “Good Guys” Produces a Video

Drywall and plaster contractor BakerTriangle is a company that runs their business with integrity and pays their employees responsibly.  They are one of the companies in the construction industry which plays by the rules, delivering quality work through employees who are treated right.

Johnny Barnes, President of BakerTriangle Dallas, Ltd, proudly states in the following video that for the last 38 years, BakerTriangle has paid payroll taxes, benefits, 401K and profit sharing for everyone they have hired.  Jerry Smith, President of BakerTriangle Austin Ltd, states:  

“We hourly work our employees – they are paid by the hour.  They are paid a paycheck on Friday for the hours that they worked.  There’s not piecework, there’s not labor brokering.”

Barnes continues:

Apparently our EMR is .38.  That’s just staggering how low that EMR is.  We got that way by not hiring labor brokers, by paying a decent wage, by paying the payroll taxes, by training these people.  A lot of our people in the field have been with us 15 - 20 years, and they know that we are going to be here for the long haul.”

Smith lamented that even though BakerTriangle has always taken the high road in business practices, sometimes jobs are awarded based on “the bottom line” price, which is often turned in by less scrupulous contractors.  Senior Vice President of BakerTriangle, Michael Vickery, agrees:

“I think if we continue to focus only in the industry on the price aspect of it, then we quickly become nothing more than a commodity.  Our goal is to bring in added value.”

He continues to explain that the company tries to offer a competitive price but also something that has value to the clients (the general contractors), who can then pass on that quality and value to their clients, the owners.

BakerTriangle employs the latest technology to enhance the quality, accuracy, efficiency and professionalism of their jobs.  Smith summed up the advantage of hiring companies like theirs:

“You get what you pay for.  The general contractor, the owner, whoever’s involved in it.  If they pull in a D-class contractor, they’re going to get a D-class dollar’s worth of work.  You pull in an A contractor, you get all this – plus.”

Sergio Montoya, Vice President of BakerTriangle Austin Ltd, spoke about the job satisfaction that comes to the people who work for an honorable company such as theirs:

“When you’re done, you’re proud of your work, and you know that you’ve done everything right.  You’d just feel cheated if you didn’t do it the right way.”

The video speaks to the reasons why owners and general contractors need to look at more than just the lowest bid when considering which subcontractors to hire.


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