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How Much of Your Job Can be Automated?

McKinsey Analytics, part of the McKinsey Global Institute, has released a study and accompanying charts about the potential for automation in a broad array of jobs in the US. Included in the study are construction jobs ranging from construction laborers to elevator engineers and technicians. The chart is developed in a way that you are able to switch on or off the individual categories of jobs that you are interested in. It might even give you insights into some of the services and subs that you use.

Additionally, there are charts illustrating gender equality in various countries and their relation to gender equality and attitudes in the workforce. The third chart illustrates ways that gender equality can drive economic growth around the world.

The study is interesting in that it shows that as much as 40% of a construction laborer’s work can be automated and some of the other jobs like painters and concrete finishers soar up as high as 85%. There is a message to contractors and subs going forward that they should train for the automation and not be “late adopters” or they might find their firms on the “late train” for new business.