A Sustainable Workforce Starts With You

Getting Things Done and Accomplishing Much

Editor’s note: The following was originally published in Cornerstone, the quarterly magazine of AGC Houston.  Reprinted with permission.

“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”  I am not sure to whom or what Benjamin Franklin was referring when he made the statement, but he very easily could have been describing the AGC Houston chapter during the first months of 2015.

While the drop in oil prices has created a cause for concern, Houston continues to enjoy a very strong construction market.  Despite some markets seeing a bit of a slowdown, there continues to be plenty of work to bid and build on.  With that being said, the support so many members give the chapter through their involvement is especially gratifying.  It is difficult to single out individuals for their contributions because so many members impact directly our organization in numerous capacities.  However, I would like to recognize a few for their good work over the past few months.

The chapter recently graduated its first Leadership AGC class, a year-long program focused on developing the future leadership not only of AGC Houston, but for the commercial construction industry.  I would like to especially recognize Mike Holland, Marek Brothers Systems, Inc. and Jason Kopke, Marek Sawing & Drilling, LLC who took the lead as facilitators in this inaugural program.  Their invaluable mentorship and guidance have set a high standard for future classes.

We witnessed unwavering support as well for our Barbecue Cook-Off and Fair - the chapter’s  largest annual event.  A record crowd attended and took part in the two-day event.  The coordination and level of detail that goes into the planning of this massive event takes incredible leadership.  A hearty thank you goes to Jeff Johnston, Tellepsen and Carl Chavis who planned, managed and steered the committee.

Another significant event that positively impacted our chapter was the recent OSHA Strategic Partnership Program signings of Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd; Brookstone, LP.; TAS Commercial Concrete Construction, LLC; and W.S. Bellows Construction Corp.  The signing took place on April 20 at the AGC Houston offices.  The event was officiated by Mark Briggs, OSHA Area Director, Houston South Office and Joann Figueroa, OSHA Area Director, Houston North Office.  Several member companies are in the process of finalizing the application process as well.  This partnership could not have taken place without strong leadership from the Safety Committee that includes Chris Roberts, Brookstone, LP; Tommy Lee, W.S. Bellows Construction Corp. Inc.; David Hales, Peterson Buckner Industries, Inc.; and Grace Fox, TAS Commercial Concrete Construction, LLC.

Member support has not been limited to chapter events; we are truly appreciative of the work Jeremy Stovall, John Marshall and Bob Fretz, Jr. have done in re-energizing the Government Affairs Committee; Pat Cartwright who is taking the lead on the Diversity Task Force; and Tad Lewis and Kevin Duesterhoft  for directing the Membership Committee.

I also would like to thank everyone who joined us for the Patrick J. Kiley Excellence in Leadership Scholarship Awards breakfast April 9.  It was great to have a record number of attendees recognize seven local students who received $47,000 in scholarships.

“If you want something done, ask a busy person.”  The AGC Houston chapter is very fortunate to have some very busy members.