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ExxonMobil Construction Rises

As steel frames begin to emerge above the treetops between the sixteen tower cranes which are raising them, curiosity and excitement continue to build among business and residential neighbors of the 385-acre ExxonMobil campus under construction just north of Houston.  Several recent articles offer more information and images of the project, which is scheduled to be ready for move-in next year.

In the most recent edition of The Lamp, ExxonMobil’s magazine for shareholders, there is a four-page article beginning on page 26 which contains artists’ renderings and design information about the project.  Last month Nancy Sarnoff referred to that article in a piece she wrote for the online energy news publication Fuel Fix, where she highlights some of those design elements the completed campus will feature.  ExxonMobil is committed to creating an environment which conserves the natural landscape of the area as well as the energy the buildings will require.  One example of this was demonstrated when an ancient oak tree which preexisted the project by nearly 200 years was preserved and transplanted to a central, outdoor commons area of the campus.

Another article appeared this week in the online edition of Urban Land Magazine, published by the Urban Land Institute.  This article, written by Deborah Dietsch, features a 1½ minute video by Houston-area realtor firm The Chris Wylie Team with aerial views of the campus construction taken last April.

Finally, you may also be interested in an article which appeared last week in the Houston Business Journal.  Written by Emily Wilkinson, this article – with video and slideshow – highlights ten of the energy-company campuses currently or recently under construction in and around Houston.  The ExxonMobil campus is not the only company that is “luring top talent with amenities that rival those of five-star hotels”.

I hope that these articles with updates, images, and video of the massive new ExxonMobil campus will satiate your curiosity a bit, or at least entertain you as you contemplate this upcoming addition to Houston’s reputation as the “Energy Capital of the World”.

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