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Project Delta Progress

The view from Interstate 45 is changing as the new ExxonMobil campus aka Project Delta and the nearby future retail and residential development Springwoods Village take shape.

Up until last fall, the intersections where Spring Crossing Blvd led away to the east from the freeway’s northbound and southbound frontage roads were controlled with stop signs.  Now that Springwoods Village Pkwy leads west from that point, and appears to be one of the main entrance routes to the future ExxonMobil complex, four-way traffic lights are already operating. A few months ago, the dirt road leading into the woods where the beginning of Springwoods Village Pkwy would soon be poured was marked with a large temporary sign which read “Project Delta Delivery Entrance”.  That sign has been removed and the latest signs display the street addresses of the site (23125 & 23155 Interstate 45 South, Spring, TX 77373) and a large numeral 1 on a red background, designating that as entrance number one into the project site.  Three other construction entrances are numbered two through four.

Some of the entrances are labeled with signs which read “SER Construction Delivery”.  SER Construction Partners, LLC is a large Houston-area heavy construction company that specializes in Underground Utility Work (WS&D), Concrete (Street Paving & Structures), Detention Pond Excavation, Sanitary & Storm Sewer Lift Stations and Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts.  Jim Kollaer commented on the progress:

“There is at least 2 years of underground work that has to be done before the buildings can be built.  They have been building for some time now.  What we are seeing is the construction of all of the underground sanitary, storm, power utilities, bridges, the communications, the security and optic cable loops as well as any pre-foundation work, habitat and environmental mitigation like detention ponds and wetland offsets that have to be put into place prior to building construction.  Keep in mind that this is one of the largest building complexes being built in the US if not North America.  Also note that the buildings will be under construction for the next 4 or 5 years.”

Even though the most noticeable component of the project that can viewed from the outside are the forest of tower cranes rising up out of the actual woods, it is clear that real progress is being made on this $10 billion, 1,800-acre Springwoods Village development and the 385-acre ExxonMobil campus under construction.



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While we enjoy the new business that Exxon has bought to our community the crew putting it together are causing major problems in the morning. I live in Northgate Crossing and use Spring Crossing Blvd. to get to the freeway. At 6 am during the week it is a fight just to get through the lite. These people have no respect for anyone else but themselves cutting in front of you while trying to cross at the four way stop or the lite. Persons are coming up the feeder making a right turn, then a u turn under the over pass or at the stop sign blocking the intersection for feeder traffic as well as traffic trying to get out of our neighborhood. Several times I have tried to pull out from the stop sign only to be cut off by not one but four vehicles headed to the work site. I know there are a lot of workers trying to get there but that was not set up to handle that kind of traffic and I would like someone to address the problem and fix it.

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